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Boost worldwide business together since most valued clients suggest us as a very successful multinational trade organization.

Five Lights’ Of Apletik Exports

Welcome To Apletik Exports

Apletik Exports is Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Global Sourcing Company from India engaged in export and import of products. We are committed to creating and marketing best quality products with attention to detail in order to provide our consumers with a pleasant emotion and affordable option.

We strive to create value through best management practices, empowered work force and corporate social responsibility.we offer precisely made products by the experienced professionals, who possess an immense knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

Our Products

Why Apletik Exports ?

Quality and Safety

Enforce rigorous measures to maintain product quality standards.


Uphold ethical standards and implement fair business policies.

Fast and Safe Dispatch

Ensure on-time delivery of products while maintaining farm-fresh quality.

Product Variety

Offering a diverse range of seed products.

Customer Relationships

Foster sustainable and long-term partnerships.

Reasonable Pricing

Adopt a client-centric approach to pricing products.

Our Certificates

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